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We are extremely happy to see the growing popularity of Korean food and culture in Hong Kong. However we are also concerned about today’s emerging Korean restaurants in Hong Kong that are taking advantage of the current popularity in Korean culture for purely monetary motives without any semblance of social responsibility. At Seoul Bros, however, we believe that social responsibility is imperative in cultivating a more sustainable demand for Korean food and culture.


As such, Seoul Bros’ first initiative is to work with Foodlink (local Non-Governmental Organization, to improve the lives of unprivileged local children in Hong Kong. Under the slogan “Happier Hour”, we will feature a one-for-one campaign during non-peak hours from 2pm to 5pm–when if a customer orders a dish, Seoul Bros will, at our own cost, allow the same dish through Foodlink to be provided for the underprivileged children in the local community. Our efforts will be focused on making sure that we operate in a manner that is consistent with our brand values and as we grow our business we will also expand our social responsibility initiatives. 

Social Responsibility

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